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Zhonglian Won the Tile of Excellent Supplier of CommScope APAC


Zhonglian was invited to attend CommScope APAC Excellent Supplier Award Ceremony and conferred the title on 26th March, this is the first time for Zhonglian to win this award.

As a leading worldwide manufacturer of communication network products, CommScope, an American enterprise, is famous and acknowledged by its operation, quality, eco-friendly plan and logistics for plants around the world. Since the establishment of friendly relations of cooperation, CommScope and Zhonglian has been an important partner depends on recent year’s development. It is not easy to win an Excellent Supplier Title because of high requirements and evaluation method. CommScope pays close attention to 10 point strategic and Kaizen and grades to supplier each month. With the help of CommScope, Zhonglian achieves further improvement and promotion on quality control as well as production management etc. Zhonglian realized a 0 PPM of annual product return rate in recent years, provided 1-2 Kaizen on plant improvement each month, graded 8.5 average score on 10 point strategic and stood out from all APAC suppliers.

We greatly appreciate CommScope for this award and support in the past. Zhonglian will continue trying hard to provide excellent product and service to all our customers with an aim to achieve a long and win-win cooperation.



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